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Sinks & Basins...

Under-mounted, Inset, Belfast, Semi-Recessed.

There are various sink / basin options that we can produce in the Granite, Quartz, Marble or Limestone.

Under-mounted – this is where the sink/basin is fixed under the stone, this can be any shape – square, round, oval…

The opening is Polished or Honed to match the surface of the Granite, Quartz, Marble or Limestone.

Tap hole/s are drilled in the stone to your desired position.

Draining Grooves and Board are an option with this type of sink.

Inset – these sinks or basins sit on the the surface of the Granite, Quartz, Limestone, Marble etc.

If a kitchen sink then they are normally manufactured with an integrated drainer and mounting for the tap, keeping any water contained within the confines of the sink. 

There are various options for the inset sink, Stainless Steel is the one that springs to mind but there are a vast range of composite – coloured sinks and ceramic that can create an alternatve look in the kitchen.

Dependant on the style of the sink there may be the option to have the sink rebated into the surface of the stone giving a flush finish rather then the sink sitting proud of the top.

With this type of sink, if the worktop length is longer than the slab of material we are able to joint around the sink so you still have a continuous run of uninterrupted worksuface.

Belfast / Butlers – traditionally these are a pot or ceramic sink, but stainless steel ones are becoming available for a more modern, industrial look.

These sink sits onto a kitchen unit and the work surface is cut and polished to fit around the sink, with the front edge being open.

Draining grooves and/or board are suitable with this type of sink.

Taps are normally fitted to the granite or quartz at the rear of the sink. This section can also be jointed as and when required to accommodate longer worktop lengths or ease of access into the property.

Semi – Recessed – these are mainly found in a Bathroom or Cloakroom.

The basin sits half within the cabinet and half proud, with the stone surface being shaped to fit around the back of the basin and polished where required.

*Depending upon style the tap can be mounted in the bowl or stone.

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