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Customisation & Design Ideas

With over 100 Years experience between them, Lowes dedicated team of masons have the skill and knowledge to work the stone to the highest standard. These skills allow our masons to cut, shape and polish the Granite, Quartz, Marble or Limestone to your exact design and specification.

From sleek straight lines to curves to follow the line of the cupboard to intricate shaping to fit around existing stonework or fire surrounds.

Straight chambered edge profile to double thickness Ogee, Waterfall, Bullnose or our own custom edge.

The Slideshow shows a few examples of what we can achieve.

Emerald Pearl Clock Plinth


Sinks & Basins

There are various sink / basin options that we can produce in the Granite, Quartz, Marble or Limestone.

Undermounted – this is where the sink/basin is fixed under the stone and the opening is polished or honed to match the surface of the top & the tap hole/s are cut into the stone.

*If being used in a kitchen or utility Draining Grooves or Board can be cut into the surface of the Granite or Quartz.

Inset – these sit into a sawn cut out  & slightly proud of the surface, normally with an integrated draining area & space for a tap. There is an option to have some inset sinks ‘flush fitting’ where the is cut to allow the sink to sit into the stone and finishing flush with the surface.

*Draining Grooves or Board are not an option with this style of sink. These sinks, if surface mounted, can be jointed if the worktop length is longer than the slab of stone.

Belfast / Butlers – these are traditionally a pot/ceramic sink, but stainless steel are becoming available. The sink sits onto the kitchen unit and the work surface is cut and polished to fit around three sides of the sink, with the front edge being open.

*Draining Grooves & Board are an option with these sinks and the tap can either be mounted in the stone or integrated within the sink depending upon style. These sinks can be jointed if required where the slab is not long enough to make the worktop section in one piece.

Semi – Recessed – these are mainly found in Bathroom or Cloakrooms. The basin sits half within the cabinet and half proud with the stone surface being shaped to fit and polished where required.

*Depending upon style the tap cabe mounted in the bowl or stone if required.

Surface Mounted – these are primordially found within a bathroom or cloakroom. The basin sits on top of the finished stone where there is a cut out for the waste and tap if required.

Stainless Steel Butlers Sink


With Hobs there are only two options;

Inset – Where the hob sits on the surface of the stone and either a square or rectangular cut out is required.

Flush Fit / Rebated – The hob will sit flush with the surface of the worktop – some hobs are designed to be only fitted this way and others can give you the option.

*We always ask that if we are cutting for a flush fit hob that we have that here on site at the workshop so we can check all measurements and make sure it is fitting correctly before leaving us.

Where there is a free standing Range / Cooker and this is sitting besides the work surface these edges of the top will require finishing to match or you will be left with sharpe unfinished edges.


Edge Profiles

From our standard chambered edge profile to detailed double thickness moulds Lowes can offer a vast range of different edge profiles.

Upstands, Backsplash, Window Sill...

In addition to the work surface we can create a variety of extras to finish off the tops.

Upstands – these are available in any height from short stubby 50mm up to cabinet height or even larger wall panels. The majority of the time we manufacture these in 20mm stone mainly due to weight during fitting and also aesthetics.

*Plug Sockets can be cut into taller upstands where required.

Window Sills – manufactured to exactly fit your window, these can be in either 20 or 30mm depending on aesthetics and clearance for the window frame, and with or without horns.

*With the window normally located behind the sink, to make this an easy area to clean and keep water tight, the upstands here can be made taller to touch the window sill and then drop back to a shorter level for the rest of the kitchen.


Polished, Honed, Antique, Lathered...

Do you know that you that there are other options besides a polished granite or quartz worktop?

Natural Granite can be finished to a variety of different surface textures and sheen.

The most common of which is the Polished – a high gloss mirror surface, but it doesn’t end there.

There are Textured, Lusso’d, Lathered, Antique, Aged, Vintage, Iced, Caress, Honed, Bush-hammered


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